When disaster strikes

Position helps you get essential information to the people that matter most to you

Clear and concise user interface

Being able to react quickly in an emergency can make all the difference to your business.  Our easy to use dashboard will help you to identify which members of your staff are at risk and easily send them business critical messages


Access your information quickly

In an emergency, wherever you are, day or night you need to get access to your information quickly and easily. With position you're never more than a few clicks away from getting an important message out to your staff

Crisis Management Tools

Essential tools that all businesses need during a crisis

Quickly identify which members of your team are at risk by either office or home location. Position helps you maintain your employees emergency contact details so that should you need them they're immediately available


Knowing your staff are OK in a crisis is essential. With Position's checkin confirming you're safe is as easy as sending a txt.

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In an emergency Position helps you to notify your staff business critical information within a few clicks. Saving your business vital minutes in a disaster.


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